Akkare (Nuwacot)

Reconstruction of the Chandesworyb Blind, in Akkare municipaly, in the VDC of Tupche, Nuwakot, Nepal.

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The reconstruction of the Chandeswory Blind Hostel, residence for bling childs, is a project fo international cooperation promoted by the Catalan-Nepalese foundation Petit Món – Sano Sansar, in Tupche VDC, Nuwakot, Nepal.

The development of the architectural project is made by Recoop Nepal, coalition formed by the Associations of Moviment Nòmada, Terram and Nousol (acting within the international cooperation project) and a company named Art 23.

The NGO Acció Solidària i Logística, will cover part of the total costs of the project using the services of the rescue group EREC who will carry out the demolition works on the group.

Finally, the nepalese architecture office ABARI also collaborate in the project by providing specific tecnical expertise on Nepal. At the same time, it will also help providing technical support material and a workplace for the study of materials to be used in the construction.

Why it is rehabilitated?

The spring of 2015 earthquakes gravely affected Nepal demolishing almost all buildings in the area. The Chandeswory Bling Hostel and the Braille classes classroom became totally unusable with the need to be built again.

School’s demolition

The 17th of October of 2015, with the help of the technical team of firefighters EREC together with the Scouts, which collaborate with the project, went to the site of the reconstruction to Akkare at VDC of Tupche, Nuwacot, for the total demolition of the school buildings which we will rebuild.

From the technical team we appreciate your great help with such a hard activity, because a demolition after an earthquake it’s not an easy task because of possible landslides.

Demolition and earthworks phase of the Training Center

After many months of hard work office in Kathmandu and despite the logistical difficulties due to lack of fuel, on November 9, 2015 we could finally, move to Tupche, Nuwakot, with the first group of volunteers.

Among our priorities, they were making various meetings with representatives of the school, village or local associations and NGOs. We were able to present the project seeking approval and support and colabroación especially as local counterpart. We are very happy because the response from local people was very good. We have established very positive synergies as well as with school representatives, with the women’s association and other local groups and engineers.

In turn, the volunteers stayed in a village almost 3 weeks. During this time performed various preliminary work before starting the work, like riding camp for volunteers with conditions showers, bathrooms and bedroom. Then they made the completion of the demolition of the old buildings and cleaning and clearing of the land where he later built the named Training Center. The Training Center will be the focal point of cooperation, our workshop, and above all a learning center for the villagers and in the future their own cooperative business.

In it, we will produce the BTC (compressed earth blocks) that we will use in the walls of the buildings that we rebuild, we will teach his technique and application, we will demonstrate how to treat and use bamboo, simple anti-seismic techniques from local materials and a long so that we will gradually unraveled.

Pedaling against cuts of raw material and lack of fuel caused by the conflict between Nepal and India, it seems that everything starts and we hope that gradually allow us to do our work and finally start to materialize many months of dedication.

Foundation phase and built of the first structure of the Training Center

On 6 December 2015 the second mobilization of Spanish volunteers was conducted together with the technical team to the village of Akkare, the VDC Tupche, Nuwacot; for the preparation phase of the plot, building the foundation i construction of the main bamboos that make up the main facades of the Training Center. At the same time, also we move into the downing of Hostel of blind children, with the help of volunteers Nepalese people.

In this phase of work, also we took the opportunity to carry the signatures of commitments to school i with the cooperative village women, and also to celebrate-we could have the luck of the performance of Clowns Without Borders, artists creating smiles with a performance full of acrobatics, smiles and fun.

Structure phase of the Training Center

On 17 to 24 December 2015 with a large team of Spanish, xylenes and French volunteers, we move to the village of Tupche Akkare VDC, Nuwacot; to complete the construction of the structure built of bamboo and the roof structure of the future workshop named Training Center. He was a very delicate work, as part of the difficulty that working with bamboo, this structure is qual depend on building security against future earthquakes.

Working with Bamboo is never easy, because of their heterogeneity. However, with the efforts of all, we could get a very satisfactory result. Besides, thanks to the cooperation of local volunteers, we could advance the downing of Hostel of blind children, where for a few days became the approximate amount of about 50 Nepalis working to remove remaining chain rune.

Housing, enclosures and finishes phase of the Training Center

Despite the Christmas holidays, the technical team of Recoop Nepal together with the team of Art 23 of Petit Món – Sano Sansar returned to the village of Akkare the VDC Tupche, Nuwacot, making three trips to the village for one or two weeks each stay; to continue the completion of construction of the Training Center.

The first movement of the technical team was able to complete the cover enclosing the Training Center, installing a large central skylight for a bright i cozier stay. At the same time, most of the outer enclosure was also placed, combining the design and colors with the reuse of excess materials.

A few weeks later, we returned to the village for that power to destroy the last details and to finally complete the entire Training Center.

The Training Center will be the focal point of cooperation and our workshop, where we will produce the BTC (compressed earth blocks) to be used for the conformity of the enclosing walls of the buildings that we rebuild, we will teach his technique and application , demonstrate how to treat and use bamboo, simple anti-seismic techniques using local materials, and much more. The Training Center will be the main project space more social-educational nature.