About us


Recoop Nepal is a technical and social support team for the reconstruction of the rural areas of Nepal. It is a project of international cooperation, in the modality of technical cooperation, whose purpose is to develop an effective and sustainable program to contribute to the reconstruction of rural areas affected by earthquakes in Nepal.

Nepal Recoop born of the coalition between: The association “Terram per a la construcció sostenible amb terra”, the association “Moviment Nòmada per la sostenibilitat” and the socio-educational association “Nousol”.


From the coalition between Terram, Moviment Nòmada and Nousol, was born Recoop Nepal. The three associations decided to join forces to work together to organize an international cooperation project in Nepal, the main objective being to assist in the reconstruction work in the mid and long terms.

On Tuesday, 9 June 2015, a representative of the three collectives travelled in person to the country to cooperate with the humanitarian aid which was already being provided and to see the lay of the land in order to prepare the Recoop Nepal international cooperation project.

Since then, in collaboration with other collectives, we have taken part in some humanitarian aid initiatives, particularly in the field of emergency temporary buildings. We have taken the opportunity to visit different rural areas and we have compiled a great deal of information on the culture, the architecture, the most common diseases, the local building materials, the most immediate needs of the population and so on.

Five months after our arrival in the country, with all the information obtained, with the necessary contacts on the ground and with the architectural reconstruction projects decided on, we launched the Recoop Nepal international cooperation project. The first phase of this project will last until June 2016, exactly one year after our arrival in Nepal.


The spring of 2015, two major earthquakes of 7.8 (April 25) and 7.3 (May 12) on the Richter scale and some 400 aftershocks are still happening even today, have created a situation of extreme emergency on several regions of Nepal. A country where before earthquakes, social and endemic poverty of many sectors of society were already a serious problem. International scientists predict new earthquakes of magnitudes even higher during the following years, impossible to predict with current systems.

According to official figures there have been 8,712 dead and 22,485 injured by the direct effects of recent earthquakes. More than 2.5 million people have become homeless and there are 772,964 private and public buildings affected. Many people have fled their villages that have been completely destroyed and the vast majority now live in temporary shelters built with plastic and metal, waiting for solutions to rebuild their homes.

Nepal is a country with a very rugged geography (Hilly areas and Himalaya), with few roads and most of the population distributed in rural communities that base their survival on agriculture and livestock. The situation in the most affected rural areas of Nepal is critical six months after the first earthquake. The most optimistic forecasts do not foresee a recovery in the short-medium term, albeit gradually aid of different associations and cooperating volunteers are trying to advance. Earthquakes have not only affected private buildings, but have destroyed a large number of public infrastructure such as hospitals and schools. Children, representing 40% of the affected population, are in a very vulnerable situation. They are homeless, suffering from deep shock, and although a significant percentage do not have access to schooling, or buildings for this purpose does not meet the minimum requirements of safety and habitability.


Francesc X. Massó

Principal founder of Recoop Nepal, arrived in Kathmandu on 9th of June of 2015. Technical Architect from Girona (Girona) graduated from the University of Girona with Masters in Sustainable Construction with earth in “Fundació de la UdG”. He is a founding member of the association Moviment Nòmada and Terram. Furthermore, he is co-author of several self-construction projects in the sphere of cooperation and social architecture, and author of several articles in the sphere of eco-architecture.

Pau Ristol Roura

Architect from Palafrugell (Girona) graduated from the University of Girona. He is a technical volunteer in Nepal arrived in Kathmandu on 6th of Octuber of 2015, for approximately 6 months.

Júlia Pujadas Ullastres

Technical Architect from Palafrugell (Girona) graduated from the University of Girona. She is a technical volunteer in Nepal arrived in Kathmandu on 17th of November of 2015, for approximately 6 months.

Gerard Codina

Technical Architect from Girona (Girona) graduated from the University of Girona. He is a experienced technical volunteer who has helped us two weeks in Nepal and now since Girona to the development of architectural projects.